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I have been tinkering with google+ hangout and think it has real potential for gaming. Given how time poor I seem to be and how I would love to cram some gaming in that doesn’t require the juggling of schedules I figured an Open Megadungeon run via the hangout function could be just the ticket. Open just means anyone can play as long as they have 2 hours free on a Thursday night. Megadungeon means a really big dungeon to explore.

I want to try and stay as faithful as possible to the original rules which means wandering monster rolls, monster reaction rolls, death at -10 HP and so on. If you want to play and need to brush up on rules here’s a link to the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons player guide. I am unlikely to be using any of the extra rules published after the players handbook.

Character Generation

Races fix

Roll 3d6 six times. Allocate the scores to the abilities you want. The stats are:

  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Constitution
  • Charisma
  • Wisdom
  • Intelligence

Equipment and starting gold

Each character begins the game with a certain amount of money to buy initial equipment—how much depends on the character‘s class. Clerics and druids receive 30-180gp (3d6 x 10); fighters, rangers and paladins receive 50-200gp ((3d6+2) x 10); magic users and illusionists receive 20-80gp (2d4 x 10), while thieves and assassins receive 20-120gp (2d6 x 10). Multi-class individuals receive the award for the wealthiest of their classes (thus, a fighter/thief would receive the starting money of a fighter, while a cleric/magic user would receive the starting money of a cleric).

Everyone starts with a standard equipment pack that costs 25 gp from your starting gold. You can select from the following:

Pack A – Backpack, large sack, lantern, flask of oil (2), tinderbox, iron spikes (12), small hammer, wine skin (2 pts. wine), Normal rations (7) and a head of garlic.

Pack B – Backpack, Large sacks (2), torches (6), flask of oil (3), tinderbox, 10’ pole, 50’ rope, wineskin (2 pts. wine), normal rations (7), steel mirror

Pack C – Backpack, small sacks (4), iron spikes (12), 50’ rope, wineskin (2 pts. wine), normal rations (7) and either a holy symbol or thieves tools or vial of holy water.

Dog Rules

Dog Personalities

Random Dog table + extra rules

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