Dark Elf exile with two swords. Part thief, part wizard and part snake wrangler.


After the encounter with the manticores I have Milgos at:

level 2 thief (2,563 xp)/ level 2 magic-user (2,967 xp)
Race: Dark elf

AC ?
HP 12

Int 17
Dex 15
Str 10
Con 16
Cha 11
Wis 9

Equipment I reckon he has:

Own spell book – magic missile, mage armour, some cantrips
A looted mages spell book – read magic, charm person, sleep, detect magic, light, protection from good/evil, wizard lock and web
A staff of the apprentice (casts detect magic, dancing lights and read magic once per day) from here
A wand of magic missiles – ? charges
A wand of polymorph (from the manticores horde) – 9 charges
Potion of extra healing (from manticores)
Potion of normal healing (from wizards stash)
Two short swords and two daggers
Scrolls from wizard – detect magic, remove curse
thieves tools



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