Open Megadungeon

Robbing the dead to settle old debts

'There was no real danger, well accept for the dragon.' - Burke the man at arms

“I can explain the sword.” Burke would need to do some fast talking to keep his wife on side. “Milgos needed another hired blade so I said ‘why not?’ I’ve held the torch long enough and I the scrape with the giant rats proves I have what it takes. Besides I wasn’t in any real danger, at least not this time. Let me explain.”

Burkes wife’s stare was softening; thinking he might get away with it, Burke recounted the expeditions events. “It wasn’t long before we found Urgat’s orcs. Fang smelt them out. Ugh and his dog are always snarling at the pig-faced bastards but the boss thinks the orcs are useful fodder. I see his point, they did help us kill the manticores. They didn’t take much convincing and we’d soon pushed them too the front. Milgos was insistent that we find the treasure some crazed gnome had talked about. He had some expenses in town he needed to settle. Being a wizard is expensive with all the pointy hats and costly quills and ink. Regis the gnome had babbled about a room full of the dead and piles of treasure. He hadn’t seen the room but he’d overheard the orcs talking about it. The word of a half mad gnome seemed good enough for Milgos and sure enough the gnome was telling the truth.”

“So we headed west and trounced some shadows and walking corpses. Our scrapes with the undead were trivial thanks to our priest Janna and I can assure you I was in no danger. At one stage Fang started shaking and whining at the sight of some odious artwork. He strained at his leash trying to retreat but Ugh held firm. It wasn’t long before Milgos found the secret treasure chamber. Inside there was this dead thing with hate filled eyes guarding three chests. It shrugged off the orc’s spears and snapped the neck of one of them. Then a terrifying thing happened, the dead orcs eyes started glowing and it rose from the dead. Things looked bleak till Jana’s god stepped in causing the monstrosities to cower and flee. Betty, Ugh and Janna put the creatures down with their enchanted weapons. The chests the thing was guarding were trapped with gas and poison needles but we soon had them open. Milgos was happy, there must have been enough to pay off his debts.”

It seemed Burke’s wife was warming to his new career as a low risk adventurer. “As you can see my love, no real danger. Well accept for the dragon. Don’t give me that look. I don’t think we will mess with it. And if we do I’ll make sure there are plenty of orcs between me and it. Trust me I haven’t died yet.”



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